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HEISS is a Boston based producer who creates music as a process of Spiritual growth, his primary objective being to share Joy and Kosmic Awakening with those who listen. HEISS recently toured California and has provided direct local support in Boston for Gaudi, Random Rab, Little People, Govinda and Soulular. In Summer 2015, he is performing at Pass The Good Festival in Pensacola, FL and Three Days Of Light Festival in Asheville, NC.

Divinely inspired and genre agnostic, his sound is made up of driving electronic beats and psychedelic soundscapes. Some tracks contain beautiful melodic lines and lush harmonies while others explode with force providing complementary polarities which are exemplary of the Integral philosophy behind his work.

He has been producing music for record labels under various monikers since the 1990’s but after a hiatus from the tour life, he reinvented himself as… himself, with an album under his own name. “Awake(N)” was released in late 2012 containing twelve-tracks in a vintage electronic style combined with futuristic elements indicative of how his style was developing. Since then, he has continued to build momentum with the album “Ascensio(N)” and an album of remixes by transformational producers called “Awaken(D)” on Transcendent Tunes, the label he founded, as well as his most recent album “Absolutio(N)” - drawing attention from media outlets and establishing himself as an act on the rise.



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