You may have heard his talents before via his many aliases … but you’ve never heard him as you will now.
–The Untz
Frank Heiss is what we like to call an OG.
-Sensible Reason
Like Animals On Wheels, Squarepusher and Aphex Twin before him, Tube’s (Frank Heiss) music is about the various extremes of breakbeat manipulation and sonic sorcery.
Tube's (Frank Heiss) brillian Ziehen, with its pretty steel drums from outer space over a jungle beat, is like old Aphex Twin on 45.
-URB Magazine
"Alive" is an exercise in the diversity and wealth of possibilities jungle has to offer.
-URB Magazine
His infectious enthusiasm and clearly constructed tracks mark his appearance as one of the most original acts of the whole conference.
He’s never been one to box himself into a single genre or sound.
-Beantown Boogie Down
Like a cat fight behind curtains Tube’s (Frank Heiss) drum lines can be frantic and panicky; a temper tantrum of speed breaks vying evenly with a grumpy strain of bass.
-Dig Boston
Madder than a WWF wombat tag team in pink spandex practicing pile-drivers on a keyboard and blowing the fuses. Funtastic.
-Melody Maker

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